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So here you are, searching for a powerful speaker for your event. And maybe the planning falls on your lap. And there’s so much pressure. But you love getting it right. Especially when your intuition guides you to a speaker who delivers something powerful. Something special. And invigorating and still personal. And your audience leaves inspired.

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Maybe you're planning your event and wondering ...

“Who can connect with my people?”

“who will take time to get to know my audience?”

“who can get this right?”

The world is hungry for real stories. Genuine situations. Packaged in incredible insights to enlighten leaders and propel businesses. Decades of learning and research, delivered with personality. Integrity. Energy. 

I’m Katie. Running this little international speaking business from my little corner of the world. Traveling from state to state delivering insights, inspiration and good times. It's a job I love. 

If you’ve been searching for someone who connects directly on and off the stage, this is going to be grand. 

No need to loop through schedulers or administrative assistants… And it sure beats playing phone tag with them, too. Here’s Katie’s cell: 701.206.0073

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Q: Why should I hire Katie to speak?
A: Because she’s infectious. And her energy is contagious. And your event needs an influencer. Someone to invigorate thinking. That’s Katie. Super personable. Still professional. And a bit unconventional. Engaging Fortune 100 companies, to worldwide conventions, to state conventions. Katie speaks with a genuine and authentic spirit. Fulfilling audiences. Making impact. 

Q: Does Katie visit with attendees?
A: She can connect with anybody. And most everybody. You’ll notice her moving around the room before, during and long after the stage. Using her gift to bond really enhances conference atmosphere. Katie comes with an open mind. And a big heart. Exchanging ideas, feelings, and support. She stays transparent and real.

Q: Is speaking experience important?
A: You can trust experience. Knowing what works. And what’s a wreck. And speaking is no different. Katie has been put in all kinds of unexpected speaking situations, because things happen. Life. Happens. And Katie has proven, she adapts. Including a resort that lost electricity. A pitch-black-dark conference hall, ten minutes into her message. Katie continued. Giving audiences so much more than they expect. Katie. can. handle. just. about. Anything. 


your frequently asked questions

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Q: What is a keynote?
A: I wondered too. It’s really just a series of stories weaved together with a purpose. A theme. A great keynote awakens the senses. Listeners feel. Connect. And respond. Emotions are evoked and thinking is stimulated. And lives are changed. And it is everything amazing, unpredictable, and fun! 

Q: Is every message Katie gives the same?
A: No way. We know each audience has a personality. A charisma. If every audience is unique, every message needs to be, too. When Katie speaks, you know it was created specifically… for your people. An extension of your mission. A message you want your audience to feel. And to love. Katie candidly and skillfully meets every audience exactly where they are. In their messes. And in their triumphs. She comes in. 

Q: Does her message resonate with every audience?
A: You know your people. How they respond. How they react. And what message hits a homerun. And Katie hits bombs. Sharing all things genuine. And authentic. Digging below the surface. Understanding your industry. Validating genuine struggles to overcome. And pointing to the small victories. Katie keeps it real. And conversational. And honest. And her feisty spirit catches the most buttoned-up soul off guard. Opening meaningful connections. 

Q: Your date is set. Is Katie available?
A: The next step is easy peasy: contact Katie. Directly. Email or call her cell direct: 701.206.0073. And guess what? Katie, herself, answers. Tell her about your vision. Your expectations. Your dreams. Your audience. Your family dog. And she will get a feel for your event. And then, coordinate calendars. And the impact begins. 

Q: Are these events booked through a speaker’s bureau?
A: Every event detail is important to you. And to Katie. So she handles direct. A one-stop convenience. She answers all of your questions and books directly. Making planning easy. And booking a breeze. 

Q: What are Katie’s speaking needs?
A: Katie is super easy and fun to work with. And low maintenance. She basically requests one small thing: a glass of water. She prefers to move around and wear a microphone she brings… but that’s it. Nothing tricky. Or demanding. Wait… one more thing… she needs this: for you to know, the incredible honor it is to help your event be a success! 

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